Unwittingly singed up for service from Experteer in April. Cancelled service following month. Got a letter in October that my service was getting interrupted becasue payment had not been made. My credit card was compromised and I got a new one. Reason for the payment not going through, thankfully. | That is when I realized I was paying $24.99/month and NEVER used the service. Total damage was $149.94. I attempted to call but could find NO phone number. None. The one I finally found was international. I asked via email for a customer service number three times and was never given one. | They finally disregarded my request for a refund even though I informed they could easily trace the fact that I never used the serivce and cancelled early. They sent a response via email stating: “I have discussed your case with the manager and a refund is unfortunately not possible. We do not have an 800 number.” | Naturally I feel duped becasue I must have agreed to something. I still cannot remember to be fair and if so I am usually diligent about cancelling. So this is as much buyer beware as anything. I have no recourse. Hopefully this stops someone from falling for the same scheme. You will be sorry you did. I have read similar stories after doing a little more research online.

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