Exploria Marketplace Summerville South Carolina Review


Do not believe them when they tell you to that they will give you referral rewards. I sent two referrals for the tour, and I never got the rewards. When I called Exploria they never called me back, I called again set up an appointment for a return call and I was told that someone will call me back. Still waiting and this is after 1 month. I was told by one rep that unfortunately they cannot please everyone. Do not purchase their timeshare or vacation club package. I’m begging you they are thieves. I am a vacation owner and they do not honor me who got suckered into this scam. They send you to a motel called champion world or crown club motel. Both places are stink and nasty. When you call customer service they treat you like dogs. I am not sure why i got caught in this mess. Today, I showed up for a reservation for 8 persons and the room had one bed while the reservation paperwork showed 4 beds. The rep at the hotel said that she will honor the price and she moved us in another room but we had to make another payment. When i called exploria to let yhem know they told me that i have to accept the terms and policy dlfor cancellations to include fwes and penalties. This was not my fault so why was there a penalty? I told them that the hotel staff has agreed for full refund. That still did not help my plea for a full refund that was their error. This twlls me that the Cancellation fees are kept by Exploria. Their phone number is 8778993912.



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