Express Animal Relocators


On Dec 5th I contacted a Amandainema Moriceau via Craigslist. The ad was for two Husky puppies. We contacted back and forth about information. And agreed that I would pay for the transportation of the female puppy. After some exchanges, things began to not sound right. First, the ad was from Washington. They had suddenly moved in a matter of days with two puppies they were trying to rehome? Then they have me the names of the company they would use for shipping. Concern number two: the business is in Maryland, but they’re calling me from Texas on a day that says their business is closed. Concern number three: this ‘legitimate’ business will only accept Western Union payments. Looked them up on your site before I made any payments and found them as scammers. The complaintant described the same situation as mine, except she lost her money and never received the dog.

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