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I have received a bill from GE Money for $5,436.00. I havent any product nor do I want any product from Express Home Services. nI had made my original appointment for 8/22/07, a Wednesday for a consult and a representative of Express Home Services to visit. The company never sent a representative nor did they call to cancel. nI called them and scheduled another appointment for a weekend. A salesman, Joe OConnor, came to my home and showed me flooring. He stayed at my home for 2 hours and 30 minutes measuring, re-measuring, and changing up flooring choices as he told me each one I had picked wouldnt work. I went from a (personal request) $2,000.00 ceiling limit on my order to being authorized for a $5,500.00 credit limit with your company. nWithout much delay, my order then hopped to $5,436.00. When presented the contract for my signature, I asked Joe if I could think about this before I sign. He stated I could cancel the contract if I decided I didnt want the order. nThe installation was to be for the following Saturday. I called on the Friday before and the installation department could not find my order. They didnt have it scheduled. I had my condo completely in disarray in readiness for my flooring. I now had great doubts about Express Home Services. I canceled the order the Sunday after they missed their installation date with me. nThe cancelation was denoted on my account as later calls to service operators confirmed. I received a bill from GE Money for the $5,436.00 in October. nI called the Express Home Services immediately and again, operators, (Mat, Sydney, and Mary) on different occasions confirmed my order was canceled and the Operations Manager would call me back as soon as he returned from Colorado. nI called the GE Money Company and they told me to handle this account through Express Home Services. I then had the operators at Express Home Services get in touch with Henry Jaffe, the Operations Manager while he was in Colorado. nAfter several phone conversations between Mr. Jaffey and myself during the last week of October he made it very clear he wasnt going to honor my request. n He is to date refusing to call GE Money and have my account canceled. He is also telling me he and his company (of which he has also stated he is the CEO with no one above him) will only refund 75% of the $5,436.00. The balance he has stated can be used for product from Express Home Services. I took another appointment under duress to look at their flooring. I became ill and canceled the appointment. nAfter talking to an attorney and a paralegal, they have told me Express Home Services hasnt any right to my monies given I have not received a product and canceled my order within 24 hours of their missed installation date. Their legal counsel will lead me to the Attorney General of Arizona if Express Home Services and GE Money do not cancel this order and return my account to a zero balance. nMy request is this: I want my account credited the complete $5,436.00 immediately. nKwcnPhoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.

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