EZ Pass / MTA bridges and Tunnels northport New York


Complaint: I never received a mail from E-Z Pass about any kind of payment until the violation notice. Also I replenish about once a month and there weren’t any notifications of any violations whatsoever. This totally unacceptable, unfair and should be against the law. They waited for two months and then sent the letter along with violation fees. 3 violations, $300.00 in fines and $25.50 in tolls. I called EZ pass customer service and they are terrible although, she stated I should send send a check for the $25.50 and a letter of explanation and request the fines to be waived. I do as she instructed and about a month later I get a letter from collections asking for the full $325.50. I wish we can all do something about these frauds!

Tags: Ripoff- Internet, Toll Charges

Address: Queens Village, New York United States



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