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Yesterday there was a book in my mail box, which I thought was curious since I haven’t ordered any books recently. When I do order items, I make a copy of the order until the merchandise is sent. | I checked by orders. Right. No book entitled: “What Every Senior Should Know – 1,267 Secrets to Living Well on a Fixed Income” was ordered. It came with an invoice for $39.99 and an offer for 4 installments. | Well, I’m a senior, live on a fixed income, and don’t need advice from some company that used whatever means they can to send me this book. What I DO KNOW is that they were “fishing” and I didn’t take the bait. I’m returning the book tomorrow,(Monday, 3/14/16). Sent them an e-mail and told them they should send me $5.00 to reimburse the cost of sending back their un-ordered book.

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