Facet Jewley and Pawn CINcinnati Ohio Review


Had some jewelry stolen from me. I was able to track the items back to Facet Jewelry and Pawn. When I approached them they were so nice nice, but the moment I mentioned the word theft, they circled the wagons and clammed up. I filed a police report and went through all of the procedures. I was told by the Sheriff’s office I could reclaim my property. When I arrived to do so, I discovered that my property was “misplaced and/or maybe scrapped””. All the while

there it was in the display case with a $200 price tag on it. I was assured just a few days prior that everything was safe. I was also told that they “”facet”” never received the paper work from the Sheriff’s office. Of course when I pointed out my ring

I was told

“”Oh that isn’t yours”” A phone call and a couple of weeks later

I again go to Facet to retrieve my property. (I made sure there was no paperwork issues this time). Lo and behold the paperwork was proper and my property magically reappeared. After about 30 mins of typing and walking away

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