Fahey Sales Auctioneers Minnesota


Complaint: Be wary of doing business with these crooks. They misrepresent items listed on Proxibid in hopes of duping internet bidders into placing higher bids. They had an auction of vintage collectibles and I purchased a few items. All of the items were misrepresented in one way or another. The worst example being a brand new reproduction with original decals indicating that the item was not authentic still attached to the item. When I contacted them to return the item they blamed me for being “ignorant”” and told me that it was my fault for buying it. Instead of issuing a small $70 refund they chose to violate my trust as a Customer and insult me. The rest of the items that I purchased were all damaged but the damage was never disclosed. Instead they used misleading information to indicate that the item was “”working”” although it had physical damage that was not disclosed. The physical damage rendered the items useless. Linda Fahey is a very rude and condescending person who prefers to hide behind rules that she creates to allow her Company to intentionally misrepresent items without recourse. Simply steer clear of this Company and take your business elsewhere. They will rip you off.”

Tags: Online Business

Address: Glencoe, Minnesota USA

Website: www.faheysales.com/


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