Fair price stock online Chicago Illinois Review


Fair price stock online is a scam! Do not order from them! Yes, they have really great prices on items, but they can because they scam you out of money. My first clue should’ve been that you can’t speak with anyone, only emails. I ordered an area rug. They sent a paid order email, sent a tracking number with the company name-USN carrier. Everything looks really legit. Everyday they would update the tracking/order number as to where your item is. After contacting them about the rug taking so long to deliver, they send an email back quickly with another lie about it being stuck at the sorting facility and it being the holidays. Well, my item was updated on 12-01-17 that it was delivered at 6:09a. I never received it. I tried calling the trucking company, left message, to no avail. My emails have not had any response. They scammed me $235. I feel stupid but have learned a lesson.

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