Faith Parish Wand – Covington, Louisiana Louisiana


Faith Parish is from Hattiesburg,MS but now lives in Covington/Mandeville LA. She works at a local ENT/Medispa Clinic – SLENT where she apparently enjoys getting lots of beauty treatments for free. In turn her new found confidence has led her to become a cocaine user (to maintain weight loss), excessive drinker and partier, adulteress/cheater/whore or any other descriptive term to insert here. She has now been cheating on her husband with his best friend for months and months and months. The affair started not long after she actually got married. Her boyfriend is married as well and both have small children. Communicating through work emails to her lover instead of working with no care or disregard for her young daughter or his young son. Neither apparently had regard for their spouses and friendships. Weekend and weekly rendezvous in New Orleans. Using work trips, money, and time to sneak their illicit partners along for the trip. So ladies… watch out for this one! She will steal your husband even if they are a friend, colleague, or family member. Watch out Mandeville employers because she will waste time for her own personal agenda and not actually work for her paycheck. She’s a lying, drug using, partying, gallant whore – who has no regard for marriage, friendships, or her family/child.

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