Falemena Lin Vue – Saint Paul, Minnesota Minnesota


I have been in my relationship with my guy for many years now. We have always lived a happy and loving life together until this crack whore decided she wanted what I have… my man. How do I know she’s on crack? Because we’ve known each other for many years and she claimed to have been a friend until she started smoking meth, got caught up with the law, sold her body for drugs and ruined my relationship with my man. Her Public records are miles long. I’ve even reached out to her in a very adult manner to ask why she did what she did. I blame them BOTH. He saw an easy hole to crawl in and out of and she saw someone to give her money to support her drug habits. She’s even gone so far as to try and sleep with my man’s little brother. she has a backpage with her phone number selling herself, I am scared of all the diseases she might have so I’ve left him but needed to put the whore on this lovely site.

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