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hello world this is a un happy customer i writting this report because i have been buying my furniture from this company called family furniture and i am here 2 tell everybody bware they sell u furniture and warrntys!!!!! i am talkin about my bedroom set. my bed frame has been broken 3 times since i bought it in late feb, 2010 i no rite!! 3 d**n time everytime it it breaks they come out and add some pieces to it it holds for a while and then it breaks now im tryin to find out what does it take to for them to give me another(brand new) bedframe… i never heard that u need rugs or carpet to hold ur furniture… i am pissed and if you were thinking of buying furniture from them read this 1st they r rude and they dont care!!!

7870 central ave hyattsville, Maryland United States of America


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