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I first Met Farima and her husband Bobby, if that is his name, with her cousin Julie Aseia Durani and her father and mother, Nasir Durani and Mahliha Nasir Durani at my aunts house in Lynn MA when I was about 10 years old, maybe 3rd grade. | Apparently , all 5 of these people were involved in some type of organized crime / political scam in the middle east where they are from and my family somehow caught them when they immigrated over here whereon they were planning to launch traps here in the U.S. For example, Nasir , Julies father , was an immigration attorney when he immigrated here, swore to immigate illegally at the end of his term to study , ( doning a doppleganger identity and a story about a mortgage to cover hiding under 1099 work from creditors) for his family, approach vectors on this topic. | I was told this when I was younger, but I saw him recently in Sacramento, he literally stalked me and met me at the Post Office in Roseville CA. | I havnt seen him in maybe 20 years? I wasnt about to chase him down. One of my aunts is a psycopath whose friends ( I wish they died faster ) connected me to these people and said they could launch a fraud / gangstalking scam with my name nearly my entire life. | After I met Farima, Bobby, Nasir, Mahlia, and Julie I was literally knocked unconscious . The reason I know this is because as a reminder, matching the story about what they would do , I recieved a check in the mail that was apparently the result of a class action lawsiuit against a diner of whom one of the owners is friends FROM Afghanistan, with Bobby, Farima’s husband. | Bobby was told to me to be something like a detective there if they had not immigrated here. I included some photographs of the checks . He submitted my name to Sagar Diner INC whereon they claim I worked there for 12 weeks which I never have. I was told they would do this to prove some type of loophole about holding peoples accounts in ready status for Patsy or fraudulent activities . | Can I prove Bobby , Farima, Julie, Nasir, and Mahlia flew to Boston Logan half a dozen times? No, but someone else can , and if they looked at those flight records, they would see that somehow I’m able to just ” predict,” when they flew ( gee, maybe because I’m not lying) So if that information is 100% , and I have this check that stems from a Diner in the same town as them, is it really hard to believe? This article isnt just important to me, its labeling people that have extreme handeling capability and leverage over other people that appear to be quiet . | I’ve never been able to pull ahead in life because of what My aunt did with these people. I wish I never met them, I have no idea how bad it’s going to get, I can just assure you that when I was like 4 feet tall I had these people standing over me saying ridiculous crap like they had to prove they were terrorists to survive and that my family caught them, but first they had to ” do what they had to do.” | Farima Yassini – Whitepages | Julie Aseia Durani – Whitepages | Maliha Nasir Durani

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