Fascina Construction Inc.


I met an owner of a "construction company" on a greyhound coming home from a vacation and in need of a job. He took a liking to me and gave me his business card and said if I wanted a job to give him a call. I have a diploma in land surveying, and was expecting a job more along those lines, but almost immediately he wanted to make me a partner to his company (Fascina construction Inc.). This was odd to me, but he seemed to be very genuine and said things like "I’ve always ran my business going by my gut" and "I see a lot of potential in you" etc. So I decided to give it a chance.From the get go I told him I was inexperienced (I am 22 with zero business experience) and wanted to take things slow. He agreed, assuring me that I’d have all the time I need to adjust and get comfortable with running the business and managing staff, saying it isn’t that hard and I’d pick it up in no time. I started off at $25 per hour and would be put on salary if I signed the partnership agreement. So I started working for him, shadowing him and helping him set up the "BC division" of the company.It didn’t take long at all for him to start hitting me with high pressure sales tactics to get me to invest in the company and sign the partnership agreement. He would say things like "this is your company too" to get me to sign for things and pay for expenses, promising I’d be reimbursed for it at months eds or something like that… He was taking me to dealerships and picked out two brand new premium trucks for us and had the sales people do a week’s worth of work, pricing out a huge list of customizations (He never ended up getting those trucks). We were meeting with realtor’s, looking for a warehouse and office space to set up in. There were multiple local businesses we were dealing with to get decals, equipment, furniture etc. and it all seemed above board. he had shown me the certificate of incorporation, GST number, last year’s books and a host of other things trying to get me to sign. He was over affectionate (not in a sexual way) and started saying things like "you’re family" and "I’d do anything for you" in order to build trust I assume.Around the 2 week mark is when I was expecting my first paycheck, but beanstream supposedly messed up their direct deposit and they needed to "restructure their payroll". He started paying me out of his pocket in small increments of $200-$400. This shaddy payment style went on for about a month. In that time I had agreed to sign the partnership agreement (he is very persuasive). My investment would be $2000 and a company vehicle, which we got from the same dealship working on the trucks. The car is a 2012 Accra approx $30,000 with taxes, warranty, and everything else added on. The company would lease it from me making that portion of my investment being my name and credit on the car.I started having doubts about the legitimacy of the business because we never seemed to do any real work, I still hadn’t seen a jobsite, any other employees, equipment, or clients. He hooked me with delusions of granduer… I did some snooping around some files in the office and I found a mortgage for his residence with a different first name on it. A quick google search brought me to a newspaper article from Terrace BC about a man with the same name as the mortgage papers and age of my "partner" involved with multiple counts of fraud with the local businesses. I was shocked and went to the RCMP to try and find out what to do. They weren’t allowed to give me any details on him, but one sergeant told me off the record that they new him and told me to get out of the situation…I eventually confronted him and ended the business relationship and am currently trying to get back what is owed to me. I have recieved my pay surprisingly enough, but the $2000 investment, credit card expenses and loan payments for the car are all being held back. He has supposedly sent the reimbursement for the credit card expenses twice via Canada post and purolator, but I haven’t recieved them. He was making the loan and insurance payments on the car (he signed a lease agreement with me) but this month he has been extremely difficult to deal with and still hasn’t paid and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to.I am at a loss and don’t know what to do, I cannot afford a lawyer and the cops were entirely useless beyond telling me they knew who he was. Hopefully this will stop others from making the same mistakes as me and lead to some sort of justice. There is more to the story but I don’t have the time to get it all down… Thank you for you time.

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