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Complaint: So I returned 4 items to fashion nova, made sure I filled out the return form correctely and included all the items unworn with all tags attached. A week or so later, they only gave me credit for one of the four items I returned.. in the same shipment. I emailed fashion nova and mostly got generic reposones. Finally an actual person emailed me back, they asked for proof of return, so my fedex tracking info. I immediately emailed them my fedex receipt with the tracking information so they could see.. also based on the weight of the package i sent them, it weighed way more than one item of clothing. At this point, 3 different customer service agents told me it has been escalated to management and they will get back to me… 2 months later that never happened. I even emailed again and they said a manager will work on the issue. Clearly they received the package.. because they gave me credit for one of the four items they weu2019re supposed to! I disputed this with discover card and apparently fashion nova disputed my claim! Iu2019m disgusted with this company and have let everyone know not to order from this company. Fashion nova failed to make this right and they have basically taken my money. I have a fairly large social media following and Intend to keep using my platform to warn people not to buy anything here.

Tags: Clothing & Jewelry Sales

Address: 3751 Seville ave Vernon , California United States


Phone: 1-800-866-0286

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