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Complaint: tent sale they advertised 49.00 down drive it home today.no credit, bad credit. no problem we do our own financingn we agreed to purchase a 99 ford tauras 14,562 100.00 down a week after the contract was signed the finance manager called us in to sign some papers. we were then told by clarissa martinez that we had to sign a new contract at a higher interest rate ,higher monthly payments,and purchase gap protection for an additional 500.00 i told her no. they could have the car back.i coudnt afford higher payments, and did not have the extra 500.00 to give them. at that point she walked out of the room another woman marched in and berated us , said there was no cooling off period, and we had to sign the new contract. we argued. she was very agressive we thought the law was in her favor. she demanded a post dated check i told her it would bounce. it didnt matter. well i was coersed into signing. the check bounced iam now being sued for 1625.00 wich they say was a down payment. i have two different contracts with the same date and the finance co. WFS says not our problem. i feel i was decieved and ripped off byfather @ sons dena san diego, California

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Address: 100 w. 30th street national city, California U.S.A.


Phone: 619-474-4130

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