Federal Express Review


I am a gunsmith, and have a Federal Firearms License. For years, I have helped my customers ship their firearms to other FFL holders so they can save some money when they sell a gun through the Internet. Early in June I shipped a rifle to another state for one of my regular customers. We packed it well with microfoam and bubble wrap. I noticed that it took a couple extra days to get there, but it was finally delivered. A couple days later my customer called and said the rifle was delivered broken. The final recipient is not very good with a computer, and took at least a week to get photos to me, and the dealer that had received it for him had already thrown out the box. A letter came from FedEx today saying they have denied the claim. The reason they gave was, “We have determined that it was not adequately prepared or packed for safe transportation.” I found it most interesting that they reached this conclusion after never seeing the packaging. My conclusion; never use FedEx to ship anything that can’t stand being hit with a truck, or drop kicked at least 30 yards. You see, they can break steel, and the value of an object being shipped means nothing to them.

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