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I bought from Feelgood Watches (Ira) a new Omega de Ville watch, used it once or twice, and because it was running slow I sent it to the Omega NYC official service center. Omega returned the watch because the serial number in the movement had been filed off. I called Ira, he offered to service the watch and apologized for the issue (presumably he had been ripped-off). I sent the watch to Ira and in a couple of weeks called to let me know the watch was ready and to send him $450 for his trouble. of course, I told him he had offered to service the watch for free. He turned into a rude and hideous person and finally agreed to return my watch. I received the watch back running exactly as slow as when I sent it to NYC. I was left with the distinct impression that this guy is NOT trustworthy in any way.

Arizona United States

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