Feldman Law Center Complaint


As an ex employee I can attest firsthand that you are throwing money away by sending Feldman any money for a mod. The attorney NEVER touches any file, if you hear from him its because your file got so F’d up hes only trying to put out the fire to cool you off. its a bunch of kids that used to be loan processors or clerical workers doing nothing more than you could do on your own. making phone calls. The loan mod business in general is a sham.They would take on so many clients that the ball would get dropped on files all the time…it wasnt uncommon for a file to slip through the cracks for 30 days or longer…Steven Feldman is under investigation by the state bar of california, and his cousin Greg, the brains (or lack thereof) of the operation has a criminal record a mile long. You can put together your paperwork alone, and just be diligent in following up with the lender and you’ll have the same result for 3500+ less. toward the end of 2009 virtually everybody quit because the place is a joke. Several people, including myself were shorted or never paid what they were owed at all. As an aside, if you go to the website you’ll find spelling gems like “busiresses” and “reposetion”…clearly the markings of a reputable organization that should be trusted with your home…Stay far far away from any loan mod company, they all have the same business model and at the end of the day its a crapshoot as to whether or not you get anything done.

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