Felica Rowland – Centre, Alabama Alabama


Felica Rowland will sleep with anyone who will let her, especially another woman’s husband. She recently got the hell beat out of her for having an affair with a married man she used to work with. She has two children and is a shi*ty parent. She takes men to her grandmother’s house to sleep with them. She works at the Dollar General in Cedar Bluff, Alabama. Felica is so insecure with herself she needs a man, any man to validate her. She is narcissistic and only cares about herself. Watch out for her on your husband’s social media, phone records and in his pants. She admittedly confessed to talking to 7 guys a week. None of which will commit to her. No man respects her or takes her seriously. No man would ever take her in public or claim her. I have proof of this and her admitting she is a [email protected]*e.

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