Femenique Perris California Review


Femeniquehas a convincing web site for breast enlargement pills. they sell you. They make you believe you don’t need a boob job. nI ordered their product, and it did not work. They say you need 3 months supply to see results. That costs about $150 bucks and they only offer about $35 back as your refund when it’s all said and done. Chances are though, that you will never even get your refund, just like those stupid mail in rebates at the electronics store.nI see this internet business so clearly now: Create a convincing web site–sell something people really want and give them their”answers”” for a low cost. Sell them bottles of nothing for $50 each and require a three month supply 3 @$50 each= $150 in order to see results. A company like this can not lose. nMy wife has had breast augmentation since then

and it was way worth it. You will actually get real results.nplease spread the news about internet scams like femenique nNoahnPerris


www.femenique.com Nationwide U.S.A.

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