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Complaint: August 2005 I went to Eric Silverstein to try to have a baby. He seemed very positive and knowledgeable. September 2005 he gave me a summary of the charges $16,000 plus $5000 for fertility medication. His staff called he wanted his money a week before my appointment and not the day of! October 2005 he loaded me up on the fertility medication. November 2005 egg retrieval. He took 16 eggs out. HIs staff called the next day that 6 eggs were just not formed right so only 10 got fertilized. The next day I got a phone call 4 embryos discarded as they did not divide right but for a woman my age 35 that was OK. Then I went in for implantation. He implanted two embryos in my utero. I ASKED HIM AND HIS STAFF WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE OTHER 4 EMBRYOS AND THEY NEVER COULD GIVE ME A ANSWER! The next day I started getting very very sick. I ended up with a horrible case of hyper-stimulation ovarian syndrome. I was hospitalized at memorial hospital in Colorado Springs. A few days later Eric Silverstein had me discharged said nothing was wrong with me. I went home. Two days later my mother took me to Saint Mary Corwin in Pueblo Colorado. They called up Silverstein and he was highly upset they called him in the middle of the night. The next day they faxed him my lab results which showed heart failure amongst other things. Two days later Eric Silverstein called me up trying to convince me to come to his office that my ovaries needed blood thinner to keep from clogging. I just hung up on him. He then called my mom complaining that I am very sick and may even die. My mom told him my daughter is the boss. The next day she got a federal express letter explaining all the ins and outs. HE WAS AFRAID TO GET SUED. I went to my OBGYN and she did a records request. Eric Silverstein changed the records and nothing was ever mentioned of hospital visits or hyper-stimulation ovarian syndrome. In July 2006 I gave birth to a baby girl. The other embryo died. Here is it january 2020 and I just discovered that Eric Silverstein sold my remaining 4 embryos out for $5000 a piece. He placed two embryos in two different women. One of my stolen children lives in Colorado and the other one is out of state. Eric Silverstein over dosed me on FHS female hormones so he can over produce my eggs for his profit and he did not care if he killed me! HE ALSO SOLD MY REMAINING EMBRYOS OUT WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT. Now I got to his website and Eric Silverstein March 7, 1947 is now retired!

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