FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising


This school seems great on the outside but once you’re locked into a contract with them paying over $34k a year you start to realize what a sh*t show it is. They overcharge all these students for tuition yet still have to shut down the hope building and make budget cuts because they can’t afford it. The CEO and baby boomers are rude, they don’t make room for new ideas or innovation. | I have had several teachers like B.J. Sims, BehBehhani or a financial advisor like Linda Smith who will talk down on you and crush your spirit calling you “kiddo” or telling you “your career/job isn’t important. What you’re doing now doesn’t matter get over it” not knowing that you have to work full time to afford your bills. Sometimes yelling at you in class, calling you dumb or not helping when you have questions and when you try to make other staff aware of it they just send you to a counselor to get over it. | They don’t do anything about it… I have seen students cry and spirits crushed because of the emotional abuse and stress from this school. They are just a money hungry organization with half of the staff that is great and caring and the other half that couldn’t less about how they treat you. It’s very disheartening because like myself I struggle with PTSD, depression, and anxiety and this school just make everything worse. | I feel unimportant and worthless. I feel like like crying every quarter and I feel helpless since the staff can talk to you any which way and the school does nothing to correct it. You can have the same teacher teaching 5 different subjects and it’s clear they aren’t qualified for some because they are confused with the curriculum themselves. Be careful because once you sign the contract with them you are stuck, but ask around and many people will tell you its not worth it. I am a A/B student but it’s just not worth it at all.

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