I have done my own taxes since I started doing them. This year I decided to try to do my taxes online to make things easier for myself since I have a new job that takes a ton of my time. I happened upon on the IRS website and chose to use it.

After putting in my tax information, which wasn’t too terribly difficult, I submitted my federal form. They then informed me that they charge for filing for state taxes. While this makes sense, it was also frustrating because they also made it impossible for me to view my federal forms that I filled out on their site. It is crucial that I have these forms to be able to accurately fill out my state forms too. I figured since I recently moved to a state with no income tax, I’ll pay this year and won’t have to worry about it in the future.

So I paid $71 to file my state taxes for me knowing I would lose a bit of money. My SC taxes went through smoothly but my NC taxes were a bit of trouble getting submitted. I tried 3 times before the site accepted them. I ensured that they had all my billing information so NC could get their money.

I noticed within the next few days that my federal and SC refunds had come in but didn’t give any more thought to the NC taxes assuming would do their job.

So yesterday I checked my mail and noticed that I had a notice from the NC revenue office. It turns out that did not bill my account for NC so the state did not get their money.
I emailed on their “secure email” on their website. (I’m guessing they have no phone number because I could not find one on their site. This really is a situation where I’d rather speak with a person on the phone.) I explained my problem and asked why I hadn’t been billed for my taxes.

I got this response. “Thank you for your message.

We do not show a request for a state balance payment request.

Thank You for Choosing “

So I went back into the tax forms on their site, which includes payment information. My bank account information was still listed, as I had put it in before with a requested payment date of 3/17/14. All of my forms are listed as accepted on their site. There is nothing I see that I could have done to make sure they would have filed for me.

The state of NC is charging me a 10% increase on my taxes since they were not paid on time. I want a complete refund of $71 from for not filing my taxes for me when I paid them to.. I demand Full Refund. I don’t recommend them

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