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My husband and I were in Vegas on vacation last week and we were shopping in a store called “Perfume de Paris”” in the Paris Hotel. I was looking to buy a perfume that I thought they might carry when I was very aggressively approached by a sales person named Sharon who said that they were out of that perfume right now but they were doing a promotion on a fantastic skin care product that she wanted me to try. She was quite pretty and classy looking and literally pulled me over to her station in the store and sat me down in a chair where she proceded to point out the dark shadows and puffiness under my eyes. She immediately started applying some white cream product with a small cosmetic spatula to the underneath of my eyes. She then called my attention to the tingling and tightening sensation that I would feel under my eyes in a few minutes time which I did. She then held a mirror up and the under eye area did actually appear slightly improved. I was amazed!!! Then she started pointing out a few creases in my face and began applying a 2nd product that came in a cosmetic syringe type container to my creases. Within a few minutes those areas did look slightly smoother. She told me that these products normally sell for $600 each but that for $300 I could purchase them together and she would even throw in a free $150 container of night cream. I really did notice a slight difference in the appearance of my face and she explained that the products were to be used in such a way that they would last me for 2 years. I recently have been feeling a little self conscious about my aging appearance and other products that I have purchased in the past such as Mary Kay and Clinique didn’t really work for me so since I was on vacation and we had a little extra cash to play with and the perfume wasn’t available my husband and I decided to make the purchase of the skin care products. I was very excited about the products when I left the store. I didn’t open them until 2 days later when I got home from vacation so that way they wouldn’t leak out on the trip home. When I opened the bag and went to use the products I realized that one of the creams that she had given me was a totally different one than she applied on me in the store. The eye cream was face mask which I really didn’t need or want. The eye cream that I was so impressed with in the store I did not receive at all. I then tried to use the syringe cream in my facial creases and noticed that after it dries it just flakes right off. I went to call the store to see if I could at least make an exchange of the wrong product because I really wanted the eye cream and discovered that the phone # on the receipt is not even for the store. It is an answering service for the company Fine Beauty Cosmetics which obviously is not so fine!!! I will wait for them to return my call……… I since have gone to this company’s website and discovered that the correct product is there and supposedly even cheaper than the one she gave me so I don’t understand why she gave me the wrong product. I also discovered thousands of complaints against the tricks and scams going on by this company and the fake prices that they post and the lack of quality product that I thought was for real. I am mostly shocked that a reputable hotel store would allow such garbage and scamming of their customers. I will write the $300 off as a loss and a lesson learned but I feel more disappointed that I didn’t get the product I was sold and that I was a victim of a SCAM!!! SHAME ON YOU PARIS HOTEL FOR ALLOWING THIS TO GO ON IN YOUR STORE!!!!!”

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