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Warning: Do not buy ANYTHING from this website at all. I recently got scammed from them, i ordered 2 pairs of shoes which in total was almost $150 and never recieved anything. They said that “the transaction was too risky so they would return my money”” IN 45 DAYS! Who would take a total of 45 days to return $150? No one because they are ripping me off. In a total of 45 days i will take this to the people when i am sure i am not getting my money back. I also did all the work for you guys and researched them. DO NEVER BUY FROM THEM! here is the proof: The website is hiding their identity. The website has been reported as being untrustworthy before. The website/bussiness has been given a low reliability rating by other websites. The website setup involves countries known to be of high risk. ONE MORE THING! Do not let the person that goes by Pim De Graaf fool you! He is either the owner of the scam that is going on or a person that likes to add wood to the fire. Thank you and please don’t get scammed like me.”

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