Firestone Auto Care Review


I took my car in to the local Firestone just to get a regular maintnance, oil change, coolant flush, transmishion flush, and fuel injection cleaning. Ive been taking my car to Firestone now for over 4 years and have never had a problem with Firestone or my car until after this coolant change. A few days after the service I was driving on a bridge and my radiator busted and my temp gauge went all the way to high. As soon as I was able to pull over my car turned off. So I had my car towed to another Firestone close buy who also used to perform maintance on my car. They looked at the car and stated the radiator blew out and it caused my engine to over heat. After talking with the manager he insisted me that it looked like when firestone did the coolant flush they didnt let all the air out, or they didnt put in enough fluid. There for he asured me he would take care of everything. The next day Firestone put in a new radiator and then had it towed to the dealer for engine replacement. Now Firestone claims gets involved and they sent out a third party inspector which pretty much stated whats wrong with the car now. Well dam its odvouse we know whats wrong with it now. The inspectors report also indicated that there were no signs of long term issues and no cross contamination with any of the fluids. Its clear the radiator had alot off presure inside because of air that caused it to blow. Firestone turned around and denied my claim saying a coolant flush couldnt have caused this to happen. I have consulted with over 50 certified machanics and there all saying that is b*** ***. Firestone is comming up with every excuss they can to not repare my car. I know a firestone claims rep personaly and they cant believe the claims dept is handling this situation the way they are. All I want is for them to repair my car because there guys who proble dont even have a high school diploma messed up my car. Step up to the plate Firestone Corparate office not all of your techs are qualified and mistakes do happen. I have had a third party inspector go look at the car along with the manufacture and if Firestone still denies my claim I will then take them to court. Ive already consulted with my attorney, BBB, and the attorney gernerals office. Fix my car because Im not backing off!!!! .

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