Firestone hampton Virginia


Complaint: Took my car to Firestone with initial noise problem, was told I need to have $3,000 transmision work done. In trusting them, I had to get a loan for the repair. A week later Im driving my car and still hear THE SAME NOISE. Took it back to them at which time they informed me it was my struts and shocks making the noise. At my attorneys advice I refused to pay for this now $1200.00 estimate. Once they replaced shocks, I still hear noise. Manager of firestone told me that he “honestly doesnt know what the noise is and that I should not worry about it.”” Great advice

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Address: come to find out after buying a new transmission that it was my left back rotor which i replaced for $139.00. They didnt even align my car correctly. The worst automotive experience EVER. Billie hampton

Website: 757-588-1393

Phone: VirginiaU.S.A.”

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