First Acura Review


First, they sent me home after taking my money with my car I bought, but title was still in there name. Second, after taking the car to be inspected, my garage found that the crankshaft seals were coming apart and adviced me not to drive it. It is a serious mechanical issue. First Acura was called since we just purchased this vehicle and they would not honor thier “good faith:” purchase. The limited bumper to bumper warranty proved useless too. We have complained to get this fixed ,, it is a mere $1300 fix and they have refused to be responisble. They sold us a car we cannot drive. They also sold us a car “certified” thoroughly inspected by them, that had to have all the fluids replaced because they were all in poor condition. The General Manager has threatened me because I am making this issue known to the public. | Do not purchase from this dealership. They will sell you a car… give you their good faith warranty but not honor it. | The certified used corvette I purchased has a bad crankshaft seal that is a huge mechanical issue. Finding this out through an inspecition just a week after the purchase. They will take no ownership in this problem they have now caused me. | They basically sold me a car that I cannot drive. The warranty they give is useless, as is their word. They would rather threaten me for the reviews (that are completely accurate) than pay my garage the $1300 to just stand by their word and fix it. | They did offer me to drive it down for them to look at it, but like I stated to them… I was adviced not to drive it. The crankshaft can fall out, which would cause more damage to my car or another one on the roadway. | I feel this dealership really should be investigated for these kind of selling tactics. You don’t sell a car that can’t be driven, and you don’t threaten the customer because they filed a compliant.

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