First American Home Warranty Spring Hill Florida Review


I’m writing this to let everybody know that First American Home Warranty company does not fix or replace any thing they say. The repairman that came out to my home to fix the heat made it worse and then broke the air conditioner as well and now I have no heat nor air conditioner. I have a daughter that has athmas and a newborn living in the home and when I call this company back they told me a well there s nothing they could do for me. I asked them what kind of home warranty company are they and they said a good one but they can’t help me and left me high and dry with no heat or air and I live in Florida. My husband is disabled and I’m on a pension,and we can’t afford a new system and now we have nothing due to this First American Home Warranty Company.they broke our system and they won’t fix what they broke nor replace what they broke. We have to suffer with nothing now due to we have no money either. I call this company and talk to number of people who all told me the same, the last guy of this company got very pissed and dismissed me told me not to call again nice company.

Spring Hill, Florida USA



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