First Convenience Bank [FCB] Complaint


Be careful! They”ve caused me so much stress over this… What a nightmare! They are scam artists! After what happened to me, I wonder how many people they”ve stolen money from. I recieved a call from 1stcb telling me that my account was overdrawn. I was amazed because I knew I had over $350. I told them it was impossible. They kept telling me that i”d spent too much and that”s why. I argued with them telling them that it”s impossible because I bank very very carefully, I never let my account go below $100 and I check my balance every time before I use my debit card. So I went in to my branch to try and figure this out. The man was rude. Kept telling me I need to be more responsible. I saw that they”d charged me over $500 in overdraft fees! I was totally dumbfounded. I knew I was innocent but the kept insisting it was my error. I came back the next day, still determioned to prove them wrong. This was after my husband got angry with me for being irresponsible with my spending. They had me thinking that maybe it was my mistake. Even though I couldn”t figure out what i”d my mind…2+2=4 but they”re telling me that it only equals 4 on my computer screen at home… On theirs…2+2= whatever the hell they want it to. So finally the manager notices that on a charge i”d made to us airways, that after my account had already been debited the $300… It was also listed as a pending charge. So my account at that moment was actually -$600 from that charge. So then 1stcb tried to blame usairways and the idiot working there told me to start being more careful who I give my card # to.! It”s usairways! Not humbaba”s nigerian quick loans! I tell them I book flights all the time with them and never had this problem. So they tell me in order to get my account fixed that I need to contact us airways and get a letter and blah blah blah. Then I point out to them that it wasn”t just us airways that they did that to me. There was about 5 big charges that they still had listed as pending… Even though they”d already took my money out. All from reputable companies. Enterprise, cirro energy, etc. “so I guess I have to write all these companies a letter too to explain why you guys messed up?” they got real quiet and by the next day had accredited back around $1000 to my account that they”d attempted to take from me. Now I can”t trust them anymore. They really treated me bad and caused me alot of stress. I had to spend alot of time that I don”t have to make them realize their mistake. It wouldn”t have been so bad if they would have listened to me from the beginning and not treated me like I was irresponsible and making it all up. I was actually crying when I went in there. Very upsetting. I don”t recommend them to anyone.

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