First Extended Service Corporation Newton Falls Ohio


Complaint: I have a 2000 Chevy Venture, I have a New Vehicle Extended Service Agreement from the First Extended Service Corporation. Upon purchase of this vehicle, I bought and paid for this warranty which cost $1595.00. I have read the agreement, which says it covers the wiring harness which corroded and burnt in half, disableing the vehicle. This is the wiring harness inside the van, not outside, exposed to the weather. Upon having the vehicle towed to the selling dealership, they contacted me and could not begin repairs because First Extended Service Corporation would not honor their said warranty, due to the fact that they do not cover corrosion. Due to information regarding this service contract they are supossed to uphold anything covered by the original manufacturers warranty. This Company is claiming that corrosion is not covered, and in the original manufacturers warranty it is covered. No where in this contract is the word “corrosion”” mentioned. However

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Address: in the contract it states that if the wiring harness is damaged in any way it will be covered and repaired. I could understand this not being covered if this was outside of the vehicle

Website: but it is neglect on their part for not honoring their contract. I will be seeking legal representation

Phone: but this is inside the vehicle

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