first house financial columbus Ohio Review


I paid for their service to find me rental housing of foreclosed homes. I followed all of their directions and when did not receive any of the service promised, requested a refund. I followed the instructions to receive a refund and was denied it because I did not present 5 letters of denial from home owners. I wasn’t even given homeowner information that was promised within their service so couldn’t provide this. They continuously deny me my refund and when I contacted the Better Business Bureau, they are completely ignoring the complaint. The State of California Attorney General sent me a letter stating they will keep my info on file in case there is a lawsuit filed against First House Financial. Then I realized I had a powerful weapon. I work for a local tv station. So now I will investigate this company to the fullest and work on publicly exposing them

755 baywood dr petaluma, California USA

(877) 413 – 7214


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