FirstEnergy Corporation Complaint


Allegheny Power has billed 1, 800 for one month. Why? Because they have been estimating instead of getting their lazy ### out of the truck and read our meters. I have personally seen this as well as everyone else on my street that watched them estimate them and they report it and we get a high bill. This is not the first time, for the past 2 years they have done nothing but estimate. I guarantee they have made 10, 000 easy from us. This has got to stop! I just paid 1, 990 on my bill for the month of June, however, they are still charging us for July in which we have no electric since around the first of June. So tell me why are we still paying for service we don”t have? I WANT A DAMN ANSWER! THEY WILL HEAR FROM MY LAWYER IM TIRED OF IT!

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