Fischer Aviation Hillsdale


Complaint: This flight school bilked me out of $5,000 in flight training fees and four months of time. The owner/scammer, Tom Fischer, did everything he could do to hinder, delay, and prevent my progress, so he could cheat me out of my time and money. There are fuller descriptions of his fraud on their Facebook site and under Google reviews, although they have tried to bury them with solicited and /or faked reviews from theirs shills. For example, he required that I hold the yoke with an open hand, instead of a firm grip, which is nowhere required in the private pilot exam. One time out of ten, I departed one leg of the pattern a little early, and he cited that as a reason to prevent me from progressing. One time, I missed the centerline by ten feet and he cited that. These are just a few examples to illustrate his pettiness and intentional delaying to bill tactics. Nobody expects perfection down to the foot, and the FAA even says they don’t expect it from anyone. When I finally left this scam school, I went to another one and soloed in less than two weeks. I got my license on the first attempt shortly thereafter. He knows all the ways to delay you I and bill you uneccessarily. DO NOT FALL FOR HIS SCAM LIKE I DID.

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Address: 165 Passaic Avenue Fairfield, New Jersey United States



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