Fitness Equipment depot Worldwide Seaford New York Review


Whatever you do steer clear of this corrupt company, I worked for this company for 5 months and this company owned by this socio path John Greeley takes orders for equipment he doesn’t even have he has orders pending for over a year which he took peoples money for. When the customers call to see where their equipment is the Office manager and the sales people are told to lie to these people. He then charges a 20% restoclking fee on cancelations for equipment he doesn’t even have. This place has had a number of complaints with rip off report and the BBB for the same thing. He treats his employees like animals texting them at 2am berating them chastising them at every turn. And when you want to quit he tries to claim you are stealing so he can strong arm you and not pay you what you are owed. I left and was due 2 weeks salary plus commissions from them I have emails stating that my check would be ready for pick up at 4:30 that next Friday. I have v2 small children and work paycheck to paycheck and this man knew that. When I went to pick up my check they slammed the door in my face and told me there was no check for me. When I told them I had to feed my kids he and his attorney told me I should’ve thought about that before I quit. I have met some pretty bad people over the course of my Life. But this John Greeley takes the cake he is a sociopath who doesn’t care about his employees or his customers He is a disgrace to the industry and owes so much money to his vendors people won’t even do business with him. He left his facility in Bethpage because he was a year behind on rent he now owes his new landlord 3 months rent and he has only been there 6 months. His ONE truck was up for reposession. The NYS Dept. of labor said there has been 5 similar complaints against him for non payment of salaries plus commission’s since 2011. I advise ANYBODy that is considering doing business with this man to steer clear. You will NEVER see your equipment and if you do it won’t be in the order or condition you bought it for. This man should be put out of business. The business is not even in his name anymore because he is such a menace to the industry. I can go on and on about what this place is about. His one sales guy left is Andy Serrano and is a crook in his own right as he did 8 years in prison. After he sells a client he dissapears and never deals with them again. He is the supposed manager of operations there but couldn’t manage his way out of a paper bag. I know Mr. Greeley and or his staff including Denise and Dawne will see this post as they monitor the BBB and Ripoff Scams on a regular basis. ( which speaks volumes) Because if you were doing the right thing for people there would be no need to search such harmful sites. Hi John…Good Luck doing business anymore GET YOUR EQUIPMENT ELSEWHERE!!!

250 Kennedy Drive Hauppauge, New York USA


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