Five Brothers Home Preservation Services Pioneertown California


Complaint: I have been had by U.S. Bank and thier Five Brothers Home Preservation Services. I made an offer on a short sale home in June of 2012. U.S. Bank was the existing loan underwriter. U.S. Bank is in colusion with a company Called Five Brothers Home Preservation (heareafter refered to as Five Brothers) to act as an agent in assisting with preservtion of empty assets, i.e. homes. When I first saw the property I immediately called the realtor, Glen Realty in Yucca Valley, CA and made an offer. one outstanding feature which gave the house a custom, finished, look were the matching door hardware on all 6 entrance/exits to the house. When I later, in late July visited the house, I was told by the realtor and then confirmed that all the expensive matching door hardware had been removed and replaced by very cheap, poorly installed, bargin bin door knobs. The local R/E agent representing the sale for the bank, Ann McErlane, gave me a number to call U.S. bank, which I have done repeatedly. U.S. Bank states that Five Brothers is responsible for the missing hardware. Five Brothers states that U.S. Bank is responsible for the loss and that they were just “obeying a work order””. Now after 4 months of finger pointing

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Address: they win!! They have exhausted me. My attrempt was simply to make a claim for $500.00 to help with the replacement. A mear “”drop in the bucket for a company like U.S. Bank

Website: they are

Phone: or Five Brothers. They continue in deadlock pointing at each other and excluding me from the loop. Their story’s sre in lock-step and I get the feeling that this is not the first time this tactic has been used. I filed a claim with the BBB in Michigan; But Five Brothers is not even a part of the BBB

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