Some weeks ago, this scammer told me he had a new, 100%-safe investment approach to Lien & Deed Tax Sales. | He told me that by investing a minimum of $10,000 with him, I would get a steady, weekly, or monthly net profit of 30%, through his “unique system”. | His “unique system” was to contact desperate house owners about to lose their properties to foreclosure, or to Tax Sales. | He told me he would “convince” them to transfer their properties to him, in exchange for my paying off all their back taxes. | He told me that once I paid off the back taxes of the property owners, he would secure their properties, in order to “sell them, very quickly, for 30%-60% of their current market values, in their areas”. | When this scammer (upon my request) sent me his Joint Venture Agreement (JVA), this JVA was poorly worded, and offer no protection to my money, at all. | When I demanded from him to be fully transparent on this JVA, he simply stopped communicating with me. | Let me just say here that I am in the business of investing in Tax Sales (both in Lien & Deeds) for some years now, with a 100% success rate. | I know exactly what to ask, and what to look for, before entering into any JVA with new investment partners. | Therefore, I strongly suggest not doing any business with this scammer, because chances are you will lose all you investment money, for sure.

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