Flawless Beauty & Skin


Somewhere around the last of September I ordered 2 products from Flawless antiaging online. One was an anti aging serum and the other a lip plumper. It was my understanding that I had to pay the shipping costs on each item in order to try it for 15 days and then I could cancel any future orders. I did call within the 15 days on August 14, 2015 and canceled any further orders as I did not see any results. They assured me there would be no further shipments or charges to my credit card. I recevied my new billing on the credit card and it showed a full charge of $89.95 to my account dated 10-12-15. When I called to company and asked them to remove the charges, they refused and said that was for the order in September which was supposed to be a free trial. I told them their information was deceiving and asked to speak to a supervisor to which they advised there was not one there. Don’t ever use this company!!! Another lesson learned!!

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