FlightHub.com waterford New York Review


Searched for a particular flight using cheapflightsfinder.com. Found a decent price, so it appeared, on flighthub.com. After selecting my desired flight times and paying with a credit card I was issued a receipt to print and a conformation was sent to my email account. Seemed like a routine transaction. Not! The next day I received an email stating, “Your reservation requires immediate attention!”” Unfortunately the fare that you had recently booked has changed and you are required to give us a call toll free at 1-800-771-1755. In the event that we do not here from you within the next few hours

your reservation will be cancelled. Since when does a company who receives payment for an airline seat

turn right around within 12 hours and say the ticket price is going up or else? The ticket I had purchased was for the amount of $419 R/T. However


the next morning say the price went up to $573 R/T and if I dont pay the new price my Ticket purchase will be cancelled. How does Flighthub come off cancelling my purchase if I don’t pay their new ransom? When questioning the so called “”specialist”” on this action he had no answers to Flighthubs policies. After ultimately cancelling my ticket reservation with Flighthub

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