Flora Szivos – Coral Springs, Florida Florida


Flora Szivos paints a picture of herself as a sweet little innocent little girl that likes to talk to other people’s fiance to give relationship advice. This little **** works at Lululemon Athletica at the sawgrass location where is not allowed for co-workers to mess around with each other. well clearly this went out the window. first started as a “friends” to talk about my friends fiance relationship problem, then turned into more then it turned more into that. they have gone into dates, had sex, and talk every single day. She knew this guy has a 1 year old and a fiance but still decided to pride on the relationship like the little **** that she is. Do not support her veganism and “fitness” services as she is full of it, she might take your man next! she is a scam!! she so calls loves to be a voice for people. what kind of front is that when even after my poor friend confronted her she still decided to carry her “friendship” with my friends fiance with no care given and not caring that she tore a family apart. Karma is real, what goes around comes around. Fake Vegan that likes to eat other woman used up meat…

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