Florida Health Choice aka Preferred Choice Review


This insurance company is the worst. They will say that every problem you have is pre-existing so they get away with not paying your medical bills. I don’t care if you’ve just been carried into the emergency room on a stretcher, bleeding all over the place because you’ve just been in an auto accident! They will still figure out a way to get out of paying the bill. I’ve send several grievence letters that have been ignored. nThey are such a bad company that most of the doctors have dropped them because it takes forever to get paid….FOREVER!!! YOU will end up going into collection before these jerk off’s pay the bill!!! nI have dealt with this crappy company and their idiot employee’s for almost 2 years, trust me when I say they are NOT worth it. Their service is crappy and that is putting it mildly.

5300 West Atlantic Avenue, Suite 500 Delray Beach, Miami, Stuart, Florida U.S.A.

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