Florida Kidcare Complaint


As I do every year in July I renew my children”s insurance. It”s always a BIG hassle with tons of lost paperwork by Kidcare”s great staff. Also btw, I always send all correspondence certified, return receipt requested due to this problem. In August of this year (2010) I get a notice that my renewal is done and my payment would be the usual 15.00 a month starting 9/1/10. Okay, so now I figure everything”s fine for the upcoming year. On 9/1/10 I make my payment of 15.00 as usual. Then on 9/20/10 I received a change of payment notice from kidcare stating my payment will now be 20.00 instead. But this is when the real problem started, because they made my new payment retroactive for September(due in full on 9/1/10) which now made my payment late because of a 5.00 deficit. Upon reciept of this, I immediately sent 5.00 online hoping they would honestly understand the reason why it was late. The next day I received a cancellation notice from them so I immediately called them and disputed this and the woman, Erin said it was their mistake and my insurance was not being cancelled. Being fine with this I then relaxed and it didn”t become a problem until today at the Doctor with my sick son. Not only did she lie to me, nobody has any proof that I even called. This caused my children”s insurance to be canceled for 6 months now and it is absolutely making me sick! So today I”m fighting them by sending the proof of payment change dated 9/15/10 from kidcare to the Florida insurance comissioner and yet another certified letter to Florida kidcare. Also, I want to give everyone a word to the wise when dealing with kidcare, unless you are calling customer service simply out of boredom wanting to chat, save yourselves alot of headache and simply send all important letters, grievances, etc over returned receipt certified mail only. This is the ONLY way to get any assistance, believe me! The people you talk to will say ANYTHING you want just to get you off the phone doing absolutely nothing for you except wasting your time. Anything done on the phone will turn into a nightmare that isn”t worth your child”s health. Thank you for listening, A.M.

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