Florida Sport And Recreation Stony Point New York Review


When we purchased our membership with Florida Sport and Recreation, we gave an example of a trip we were planning. We were given the amount we could expect to pay for this trip using their services. In fact, once we tried to use the services of Florida Sport and Recreation, we could not get the same price we were quoted. In other instances, we were not able to get a better price on hotels or flights through Florida Sport. Even though we were told in our presentation that we could call them from a hotel parking lot and get a better price on a hotel, such is not the case at all. Many hotels are not represented by them even though we were told only private B&B type places would not be included. When the reps give you a percentage that you will save, they MEAN “up to”” that percentage

even though they don’t use those words.We are very frequent travelers and

in over two years

we have not been able to use their services even once to save money.This is a slick operation which uses lies and half truths to sell their product. Their yearly membership rates have been raised almost 30% last year. Save your money and don’t get scammed like we did.”

2665 n.atlantic ave., #312 datona beach, Florida United States of America

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