Fly Post


In the month of September I received an email from a guy name Anthony then said I got the job. Had me watch a video, for the job to explain how everything works. Then I received an email from Tamara Hicks and she told me that I will start the process of my first package also the pay and how much are receiving. Also with the job she told me that I had to take pictures of the box of not no damage towards it then uploaded onto the dashboard of the website they gave to me to keep track of packages coming in from UPS That was supposed to deliver the first package to my home. Haven’t received any type of payment yet I just started as of September 30th. Didn’t know it was a scam until everyone around me started saying they thought it sounded funny and not legit. So I’m reporting this now so that just in case if it is a scam I won’t be involved. So far I received one package I will be letting her know also the man and everyone else that I won’t be receiving any more packages and it take me off their list. Also I attached a photo of the package that I just sent off as of October 12th 2017. And also I have the receipt still I will be keeping that just in case if anything happens or if the police tries to contact me.

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