Fmallo: li Wang Los Angeles California Review


Li Wang, web Owner of over 200 websites, sells shoes and other goods from a location in China, according to a reliable Source. I ordered a pair of Born, Jerrica shoes from him costing $56.97. I paid on Nov 27, 2013 using Paypal. I sent a note requesting tracking. I placed a second order through Paypal. To [email protected]. Despite over 15 emails to this address, requesting help; there has been no reply! I opened up a Paypal claim against him. He has failed to reply to Paypal as well. I called Li Wang on his then cell # 8583568765. It was claimed to be a false number, but all the other like 200 website And his address and phone number disappeared after my brief talk. Watch out! Li Wang websites don’t have any contact info on them! He is a thief out to steal your money. se Paypal, or don’t buy from him at all!!!!

5 Clear Vista Drive, San Diego, California Select State/Province USA


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