Fon Byington – Ames, Iowa Iowa


This whore had the nerve to try to cause trouble in my life for me and my family, this is a true hoe for real. this whore was introduced to my husband through a friend. this thing has no morals and just wants to fuck what ever she wants. my husband came clean to me and said he was talking to her sending pictures, and met once. I told him to be honest with me, and he was. I talks to this skank and I told her to back off and to leave my man alone, and she had the nerve to talk shit to me. the communication between her and my husband has been going on for a few weeks, my husband told her to leave him alone and he ignores her, she still calls of private numbers and unknown numbers, and still tries to pressure a married man. shes nasty and doesn’t care about herself respect as a woman. when my husband saw her downtown she tried talking to him, but he walked away and told me about it. hes been showing me all the pictures she was still sending him. I trust my husband and I don’t have any second thoughts about him, personally I put my trust into someone until the fuck it up. and so far my husband never gave me a reason not to trust him. my husband was the one who came to me and talked to me. she never said anything about my husband tring to get with her, shes just mad cause she cant have him. I am pissed he even started to talk and share pictures with this whore. we are working on our relationship I got a baby coming in 2 weeks, and I want our family together. Im just letting yall know that this bitch will try to get with your man, shes a hoe for real! she even told me that she will fuck who she wants to fuck lol shes a honest hoe ill give her that, but she lower than dirt and she will go out her way to fuck your man.

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