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Complaint: I received a recall notice from Ford saying the Mustang model I had bought was equipped with a defective head gasket. The dealership I had purchased the car from informed me I not entitled to the discount on the purchase of another car that the notice had mentioned since I had already replaced the gasket using an extended warranty coverage. When I contacted the Ford Customer Service’ 800 number, the representative informed me the information that was given to me by the dealership was incorrect. When I requested that this new information be sent to me in writing, the representative refused. When I asked to speak to the representative’s superior, he refused. I have contacted Ford several times by phone and mail and every response provided by the company has defended the actions of the representative. Eventually, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Now comes the punch line. I discovered that a company that advertises how important it is to buy American’, actually has their Customer Service Office in Canada! Ford informed me I would have to take legal actions in order to receive in writing the information that had been provided to me by their company on the telephone. But the catch is, since I had been talking to an office in Canada, I would need to take legal action in an international court. This incident happened several years ago and I only recently became aware of this Rip Off website. I called the 800 number recently and found out the company now has an office in Florida, but still maintains their office in Canada. I am writing this letter to warn others that if they feel the need to contact Ford to make sure they know which country they are calling in case they need to take legal actions later. Ford has shown they feel no obligation what so ever to guarantee the information in writing what might be said verbally on their 800 number. Tim san diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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Phone: 800-392-3673

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