Forever Travel Service Complaint


Dear Person in-charges, Kindly give consumer a good apologize if seller are really doing wrong. Hope this platform can give all consumer have confident when have problem. Im buyer, Selina Tan Seller, womenfamily. my 28 Jan 2019 At the first my booking id: 1901288224026HYG is Blue-Ray P20 pro cover 11Feb2019 I received a product is totally wrong as I order (I have put on bad review at womenfamily page) 18Feb2019 I received a msg from women family, they willing to send the cover that I order for me, I think is good service and happy they was responsible (between our communication for the resend product, the seller keep give me a wrong info, from I should no need to paid become I have to paid RM4.99) in the end I agreed with this. 19Feb2019 Early in the morning, seller was msg me why I no change the review become 5 star after they promise to re-send product. My reply sure will give a good review when I received the correct product but not now. Seller keep msg me and ask me change good review, I was unhappy why the feeling like get force (review is given by buyer when they really feeling happy with the service and product) I have reply to seller, regarding about review I will follow by my feeling, and ask seller dont keep msg me, I will feel get force and dislike. Seller cannot get a good review from me, direct cancel the product sending (it was yesterday ask me to pay for extra and re-send correct product) I was surprise this is seller attitude? When seller are doing a mistake, should settle it for buyer, is not keep like treat buyer must give review become good! Regarding review part, this is open for every one, should not private msg to buyer ask for change review, this like a deceive consumers. Between seller and buyer (especially true online platform) should make a good confident relationship, is not simply promise then easy and speedy turn face to customer. Hope Shoppe can give consumers a good solutions, my company all was take it serious. We all feeling get force and dislike. We dont mind to make report we get lie and get force to consumers department. * attach some of seller and buyer msg, if need more as proved please inform Thanks Regards. Selina

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