This music artist came to me seeking consultation in July 2015 and now as of late October 2015 still refuses to pay his consulting invoice. In this industry when an artist has no budget and decides to market him or herself they hire consultants for strategic planning, marketing initiatives, sponsorship decks and or press kits. This artist claims in writing to have secured a sponsorship with Ciroc Vodka prior to the Revolt Music Conference in Miami then proceeded to ask me about getting his social media numbers up. To date, after three in person meetings, numerous calls, texts and emails for his consulting, over three months have past and the artist has refused to pay his consulting invoice. In fact, when confronted by my colleagues on social media just today for being a deadbeat and not acknowledging that theft of service is a crime in NY State as well as breaking a verbal agreement, he then derived to have my well respected colleagues to his sites while slandering me in hopes they would offer him guidance and consulting. | It is unfortunate that this music artist feels that his brand can scam professionals for non payment for his own benefit all the while trying to coerce my colleagues into believing his slander when they full well know that he is nothing than a deadbeat that uses public relations and brand marketers to create and copy documents such as his press kit to solicit deals from brands with no recognition nor press. Watch out for this fraud.

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